What is Do-Jang Dreams?

The martial art of Taekwon-Do changes lives. Individuals who practice Taekwon-Do evolve into better people; through training in Taekwon-Do physically and mentally, practitioners transform into men, women, and children with better courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit, while they gain self-discipline and strength of mind, all while learning how to defend themselves through the effective, traditional version of Taekwon-Do, the Way of the Hands and the Feet. Good instructors who train their students the right way can lead students in this metamorphosis… and this is the goal of a father and daughter whose dream is to open a do-jang.

Training together in Taekwon-Do the way its Founder, General Choi Hong-Hi, intended it to be, a father and daughter have journied through the ranks and learned the original form of Taekwon-Do. After years of training, they and their family had to move, and this move was to the other side of the country, in a place where the original form of Taekwon-Do is scarce. Before they left their beloved do-jang (training hall) their instructor had a request of them. “You should open a do-jang,” he said. He explained that he knew that they had the technique and the ability to open one, and continue to spread the art of Taekwon-Do in their new location. The father and daughter had always dreamed of training others in the martial arts, and when they moved, they felt that carrying out their instructor’s request and the Founder of Taekwon-Do’s goal would be an amazing thing to accomplish. They could train anyone, children, teens, and adults, whose lives would change amazingly and they could grown into improved people, all while having fun and learning a real and proven effective way to defend themselves. But they encountered a problem- their dreams were stopped short by the small yet large issue of money: To open a do-jang, they would need $ 30,000. And they do not have that kind of money.

Do-Jang Dreams is a website created in the hope of earning donations so that the father and daughter martial arts team can achieve their goal and open a do-jang, a do-jang that can in turn change lives.

All donators will receive an award in thanks- please visit our Donation Prizes page for more detailed information. Even if you do not want to donate in order to help the dream of opening this do-jang become a reality, please donate for the joy of receiving the best that we are able to offer. If you donate $5 or more, you can even dedicate your donation to a loved one, and this message will be written on a plaque in the do-jang when it is able to open.